Wordmaster / Grammarian


To expand the members’ vocabulary by selecting a “Word of the Day” that will help increase the members’ spoken vocabulary.

The Grammarian looks for grammer errors made by speakers, silly uses of languages (phrases which on closer inspection simply do not makes sense). In addition, they are encouraged to make note of unusual positive uses of language, such as descriptive analogies, catchy phrases, clever alliterations, etc. The Grammarian’s report usually follows the Ah Counter’s report.


When the Chairperson calls, determine if there is a theme for the meeting. If there is, select a word that suits the theme. If there is no theme, then select a word for the day that is appropriate.

Choose a word that is not commonly used but is not so obscure as to make it difficult to understand and use. Look up the meaning, its derivation (if possible), and how the word may best be used. Be very sure of how to correctly pronounce it.

Prepare a brief description of the word, explaining the meaning, derivative and an example of how it could be used.


Before the meeting starts, write the word and its meaning CLEARLY and VISIBLY on a board or on a piece of paper posted at the front and back of the room.

After the Chairperson introduces you, briefly explain the purpose of the Wordmaster.

When called to present your “Word of the Day”, do so in a clear and concise manner (you have two minutes). Include its meaning and give a couple of examples of usage. Challenge the audience to use the word when they speak.

Return the meeting to the Chairperson.

As the Grammarian, listen to each speaker and identify both errors and unusual positive uses of language. Present a report of your findings at the end of the meeting.