Club History

Our Club History

In the spring of 1984, members of the Telespeakers Toastmaster Club held two Speechcrafts (introductory courses in public speaking). One course was taught by Marilyn Bjurman and Margo Ferris, the other by Fred Axam and Susan Orcutt. The participants wanted to continue to develop their skills and so they formed another Speechcraft in the fall of 1984 with the intent of starting a new Toastmasters Club.

In November 1984, the first club executive elections were held forming Speakeasy Toastmasters. Our club mentor, Marilyn Bjurman, assisted by members of Telespeakers, worked diligently to increase membership and achieve the requirements for a club charter from Toastmasters International.

In April of 1985, Speakeasy Toastmasters received its charter and became fully recognized by Toastmasters International.

Historical Details

Charter Date: April 1985
Club Number: 5818
Sponsoring Club: Telespeakers Club
Club Mentor: Marilyn Bjurman
Club Sponsors: Fred Axam, Susan Orcutt

Charter Members

Brien Armstrong Alan Birch Marilyn Bjurman
Dianne Campbell Janet Cermak Mary Crawford
Gord DePatie Laura Lee Depatie Ron DePatie
Valerie Fernandez Kathryn Fleming Theresa Gerhan
Keith Graham Kelly Jorgenson Femia Ketellapper
Nico Klaver Bill Moyles Debbie Murphy
Debbie Owen Gil Rinas Ed Russell
Walk Stasiak Marilyn Topley Penny White
Chris Yang

Past Executives

1985 President: Penny White
VP Education: Ron DePatie
VP Administration: Femia Ketellapper / Marilyn Topley
Treasurer: Mary Crawford
Secretary: Kathryn Fleming
Sergeant at Arms: Valerie Fernandez
1986 President: Mary Crawford
VP Education: Richard Dale
VP Administration: Gerald Paul
Treasurer: Gil Rinas
Secretary: Chuck Denison
Sergeant at Arms: Dianne Johnstone
1987 President: Chuck Denison
VP Education: Richard Dale
VP Administration: Gil Rinas / Miriam Logan
Treasurer: Dianne Johnstone
Secretary: Juliet Yon
Sergeant at Arms: Ed Russell
1988 President: Jean Manktelow
VP Education: Kim Molby
VP Administration: Alan Morgan
Treasurer: Juliet Yon
Secretary: Pat Parungao
Sergeant at Arms: Ed Russell
1989 President: Richard Dale
VP Education: Bonnie Osbourne
VP Administration: Susan Purton
Treasurer: Bruce McKenzie
Secretary: George Borderick
Sergeant at Arms: Ed Russell
1990 President: Bonnie Ziegler
VP Education: David Guss
VP Administration: Trish Holloway
Treasurer: Bob Daye
Secretary: Georgina Harrison
Sergeant at Arms: Ed Russell
1991 President: Jean Manktelow
VP Education: Ed Russell
VP Administration: Trish Holloway
Treasurer: Debbie LeGresley
Secretary: Danielle Tom
Sergeant at Arms: Ed Russell
1992 President: Trish Holloway
(half year term) VP Education: Bob Daye
VP Membership: Danielle Tom
VP Public Relations: Patrick O’Kane
Treasurer: Sue Ann So
Secretary: Georgina Harrison
Sergeant at Arms: Patrick O’Kane / Ed Russell
1992/1993 President: Patrick O’Kane
VP Education: Ed Russell / Susan Vann
VP Membership: Sue Ann So
VP Public Relations: Larry Chow
Treasurer: Karon Trenamen
Sergeant at Arms: Geoff Teoli
2002/2003 President: William Chu
VP Education: Jacqueline Do
VP Membership: Judy Leung
VP Public Relations: Rob Kwon
Treasurer: Ivy Zhang
Secretary: Kathy Lee
Sergeant at Arms: Dean Wutke
2003/2004 President: Peter Chow
VP Education: Rob Sukhdeo
VP Membership: Katrina Regan-Ingram / Ken Ingram
VP Public Relations: Ye-Fee Liang
Treasurer: Judy Leung
Secretary: Joanne Cheng
Sergeant at Arms: Philip Law / Katrina Regan-Ingram
2004/2005 President: Chris Oikawa
VP Education: Kathy Lee / Ye-Fee Liang
VP Membership: Joanne Cheng
VP Public Relations: Ken Ingram
Treasurer: Blake Armstrong
Secretary: Victor Sevastyanov
Sergeant at Arms: Philip Law
2005/2006 President: Kim Low
VP Education: Cynthia Leung
VP Membership: Jackie Spencer
VP Public Relations: Don Vu
Treasurer: Paul Lee
Secretary: Cathy Zhu
Sergeant at Arms: Blake Armstrong
& Worapol Taksinrote
& Paul L’Esperance
2006/2007 President: Blake Armstrong
VP Education: Smurti Parab
VP Membership: Rita Szeto
VP Public Relations: Mike McCrae
Treasurer: Peggy Wan
Secretary: Arthur Drozdzik
Sergeant at Arms: Susan De Sousa
2007/2008 President: Joe Zlomislic
VP Education: Tian Lim
VP Membership: Peggy Wan
VP Public Relations: Rick Rupp
Treasurer: Susan De Sousa
Secretary: Bill Dong
Sergeant at Arms: Richard Raquepo
& Mel Sumono
2008/2009 President: Miguel Rengifo
VP Education: Richard Raquepo
VP Membership: Shery Veel
VP Public Relations: Dennis Xie
Treasurer: Mely Sumono
Secretary: Sabrina Haloulakos
Sergeant at Arms: Emad Dawoud
2009/2010 President: Emad Dawoud
VP Education: Monique Paemoller
VP Membership: Dennis Xie
VP Public Relations: Laura Robinson
Treasurer: Eve Zhou
Secretary: Smurti Parab
Sergeant at Arms: Boaz Av-Ron and Jessica Thieu
2010/2011 President: Bill Dong
VP Education: Gary Johanson / Tingxi Tan
VP Membership: Victorine Ssozi
VP Public Relations: Kelly Jimenez
Treasurer: Vladimir Pavlovic
Secretary: Monique Paemoller
Sergeant at Arms: Gopi Patel
2011/2012 President: Leigh Heppner
VP Education: Kelly Jimenez
VP Membership: Laura Robinson / Carol Luo
VP Public Relations: Alan Ho / Judy Leung
Treasurer: Jenny Niu
Secretary: Asha Prasad
Sergeant at Arms: Carol Luo / Henry Lei
2012/2013 President: Dick Hsu / Fernanda Santos
VP Education: Bill Dong
VP Membership: Virginia Martinez
VP Public Relations: Sophia Park
Treasurer: Claire Han
Secretary: Jane Loo / Dick Hsu
Sergeant at Arms: Dick Hsu

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