The formal portion of the Toastmaster meeting is dedicated to the prepared presentation of manual speeches.


To prepare fully for the presentation.


Put every effort into preparing your speech (the more time and effort you put into your speech, the more you will learn and benefit from it). Your audience should be treated to a professional. It demonstrates that you care about your audience. In return, you will establish rapport and gain support from the audience, which will greatly enhance your presentation.

If you need assistance, contact your Mentor or contact an experienced member of the club, especially one who you can use as a role model, and ask them for assistance. You will find that most members are pleased to assist a fellow member.

Check with your Evaluator to confirm a clear mutual understanding of the speech objectives. Provide your Evaluator with any personal goals and objectives, in addition to the manual objectives, that you are trying to achieve with this particular presentation. If your presentation is to be a manual speech, please remember to BRING YOUR MANUAL TO THE MEETING.

Check with the Toastmaster that he/she has all the pertinent facts about you and your topic. If you are concerned about the quality of your introduction, then volunteer to write your own. However, if you do this, ensure that the Toastmaster receives it with enough lead time before the meeting so he/she can be prepared. Provide the timing requirements for your speech.


Arrive early. Check the lectern, lighting and microphone (if applicable). Decide where you will be speaking and ensure that you will be able to address the entire audience. If you are using any props, visual or other aids, be certain you prepare thoroughly for their use (as much in advance as possible).

If the presentation is a manual speech, provide your Evaluator with your manual at the beginning of the meeting.

Verify that the Toastmaster is prepared to introduce you and confirm your place in the program (first, second speaker, etc.).

When introduced, approach the Toastmaster and shake his/her hand. Always acknowledge the Toastmaster and the audience. The Timer will begin timing the speech when you begin speaking.

When you have completed your presentation, DO NOT THANK THE AUDIENCE. When you have reached your last work, pause for a couple of seconds, holding eye contact with your audience, then turn to the Toastmaster and say “Mr/ Madam Toastmaster”, shake hands, and then return to your seat.

Check your feedback for ways to improve. Listen carefully to the comments from your Evaluator. When your manual is returned to you, get the Educational Vice President to initial the Record assignment in the back.