New Beginnings

by Tasha Lowe

Spring gives me the thought of new beginnings. It’s a time where we put an end to the cold quiet winter and bring on a new period of life and growth. It’s when nature comes out from hiding, the sun, the flowers, trees, animals from hibernation. Why not follow nature’s example and make springtime a new beginning for you? We’ve heard this phrase a few times, “Why do things now, when you can do it later?” Than why do it later when you can do it now? And if not now, then when? Why not make the positive changes that you know you should make and discard any bad habits that may cripple your future. It’s important to be reminded of the “now,” for there may not be a tomorrow.

Learn from the past, set goals for the future and live in the only moment of time which you have any control over…that is now. We often get caught up in our day to day business that we forget to enjoy the moment. We just work, eat, then sleep. Wake up, work, eat and sleep. The routine gets boring and so we constantly look forward to the end…end of the day, end of the week, the month, the year. We end up letting time pass us by and grow up too fast!! I realize I had done that in growing up, I was always watching the clock or living for tomorrow. When I was in grade one, couldn’t wait till grade 2, then 3, then for the bell to ring for recess, lunch and to go home, till I was 16 so I can drive, till I was 19 to be legal. Before we know it, we say to our youth, I wish I could have done this and that. So let’s take action and do the things we have always put off doing. Join a club, go to the gym, begin a new hobby, rekindle old relationships, resolve any quarrels, start investing, volunteer, read a new book, make a scrapbook, declutter. You will be amazed on how clearing the old makes room for the new. It rids mental cobwebs.

So what holds us back? It’s all fear. Fear of not enough time, not enough money, feeling too old, fear of failure, or just plain lazy. These are all excuses; my dad is 58 and still plans to take a gymnastic class.

Make a commitment and follow these steps:

  1. Identify the dream/goal (most people stop here)
  2. Write it down
  3. Share it with others (a good reminder cause they will ask you about it later)
  4. Do the research
  5. Make the time
  6. Take action

We are all are guilty of procrastinating with something, lets all commit to at least one new thing this year. It’s seldom the things that you try and fail at that deeply trouble later in your life. It’s the things that you never tried to do at all.