Wednesday 31st May 2017 Meeting Theme

Meeting Theme: Decision Making

Hello Fellow Toast Master Members,

It is an honor to chair our next Wednesday (May 31) meeting. The meeting theme is Decision Making.

Have you heard the Bible story of what happened in the Garden of Eden? The first couple Adam and Eve made terrible decisions and resulted in their permanently lost their lives and also bring death to all of us. Not every decision is a life-and –death matter. However, many of our decision can have profound effect on us. Hence, the ability to make good decisions can help us to a relatively smooth, peaceful life rather than one that is full of chaos, controversy and disappointment.

Sometimes I even think that life would be more pleasant if I don’t have to make decisions. Others say when you don’t know what to do: just follow your heart.

Friends, what do you think? Do you prefer others to make decisions for you? Do you incline to follow your heart when making decisions? Why or why not? What is your thoughts on how to make wise decision? Please share your wisdom to your fellow toaster members. I look forward to your response to the theme.

Can everyone who had been assigned a role to confirm by accepting the role online ( There are still few more roles to be filled. Please sign up to experience the joy and contentment at our next meeting. You sure made good decisions by participating the meeting.